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"The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't. "
- Douglas Adams

01/30/2008 - 2 New Projects

Hello again people of the internet. I have uploaded 2 more projects that I made in the past years. Both Pepakura Truck and Maya Train can now be found in my portfolio page.

01/20/2008 - New Projects Online

Right now i have posted and uploade a number of projects. You can check out the Portfolio Page to see all my currently posted projects. Take a look at Echoes of Silence if you enjoy stop motion animation, bass solos or a combination of those two. Over the weekend I'll post some more work so check again soon if you like what you see.

01/15/2008 - Site is Up and Running

Welcome to GoD inc. Home of the work and thoughts of Dennis Donker. Right now i dont have all my projects posted but check again soon to see more of my work.