Pepakura Truck


About this small, paper truck
As part of a teaching 3D modeling and Maya class, one of our assignments was to make a simplistic 3D model in Autodesk Maya, texture it, turn it into 2D building plate, Print it out and turn it into a real life paper 3D model. Using Pepakura I made this truck which is currently on display at my school inside the Wolfkamp wing at Saxion Hogeschool Enschede. The goal of this project was to turn an idea into a virtual 3D model and to turn that non-existing object into a real life and touchable object. If you are starting to learn about virtual 3D programs like Maya, turning a virtual cube into an actual cube can be quite difficult. But since I had enough expertise in creating low poly 3D scenes and objects from the good old days of the original Half-Life and Hammer, I decided to make something a little more challenging. I decided to recreate the 3D papakura truck our teacher showed us as example calling it "this is what you 'could' make". It took quite some time to actually make this (12 hours of folding, glueing and other elementary school activities) but in the end, the result is very pleasing to me.

More photos, the 3D model, and the blueprints
here are some more pictures of this truck including a render of the original 3D model and of the 3 A4 paper building plans.