Echoes of Silence
DATE : MAY 2006

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About Echoes of Silemce
Made in 2006, Echoes of Silence (or EOS for short) is a short animation movie made for a school project called 'Specs in Tracks'. The goal of this project was to make a 90 second photo-montage or stop-motion animation movie about what you see with your eyes closed while standing in front of a mirror. I took the cheap road and used it as an excuse to write a short story and use that as a base for this project. It's a story about treasuring the ones and times you love because life is short (in this case about 90 seconds). It has a few more layers of stories and content then just that but I let you figure that out on your own.

About the production proces
Before the music was written and the photos where made, I drew the storyboard which I use to get the inspiration to write the music. I wrote music by composing some riffs and licks I had laying around and by filling them up by sounds and music inspired by the story and storyboard. After the music was written and recorded the actual photos were shot in about 3 days of shooting. The whole thing was put together the next day and hasn't been changed since.

A little while ago I tried rerecording the music tracks on a higher quality and with better recording devices. I tried to use the newer tracks but I preferred the nostalgic sound of the cheaper old recordings.

Storyboard shots & Final shots
Here I have two examples of shot that where thought out before actually being shot.